Q: I bought a new truck. Will my old REALTRUCK BACKRACK® fit on my new truck?

A: Possibly. If it is the same make and model no problem. If you have changed vehicles the Frame size may be too big or too small. The most important part is that the Mounting Hardware is correct for your new truck. This consists of the Brackets that attach to the Frame, and the vehicle specific Stake Pocket Bolts that mount into your front Stake Pockets. These parts are available in a package called a Mounting Kit. Mounting Kits are available for purchase. If the Frame you currently have is too big for your new truck you will likely need to drill a few new holes to position the brackets in the correct location. If the Frame is too small you're going to need a new one. Obviously a frame that is too large or small will negatively affect the look of your truck.

Q: Do I have to drill holes in my truck to install a REALTRUCK BACKRACK®?

A: On the majority of trucks no. If your truck is a late model full-size certainly not. Trucks that do not have Stake Pockets generally require drilling through the bed rail. Email specific questions to info@backrack.ca

Q: Can I install a REALTRUCK BACKRACK® myself or do I need professional help?

A: Most people find installing a REALTRUCK BACKRACK® simple. As most applications are no drill, all that is required are a few wrenches. If you have a Bedliner or Toolbox, the installation is slightly more involved but still easily tackled. If you have a drill application or have multiple accessories like a Tonneau Cover the experience of an installing dealer is recommended. Click on the DEALER tab to find a dealer near you.

Q: Is the REALTRUCK BACKRACK® available in chrome?

A: Sorry. No Chrome.

Q: Is the REALTRUCK BACKRACK® available in a color other than black?

A: We think Henry Ford had it right... Black only. If you are a large fleet we will change the rule and offer any color you want. We have excellent in-house Powder Coating, but it must be in quantity to be cost effective.




Q: I have a Tonneau Cover and want to install a REALTRUCK BACKRACK®.  Can this be done?

A: Yes, but only Tonneaus that clamp to the inside rail of the truck bed will be compatible.  To find out if your tonneau cover is compatible, please use our "Build My Rack" tool.

Q: I have a bedliner in my truck. Can I install a REALTRUCK BACKRACK® with it?

A: Easily. Under the rail liners are the easiest. Simply remove the liner, install the Stake Pocket Bolts, then reinstall the liner and attach your REALTRUCK BACKRACK®. With an over the rail liner the procedure is the same however, you may need to drill holes through the top rail of the liner for the SPBs to protrude through. It is best to place Rail Plates under the liner on over the rail liners. Call or email any questions to info@backrack.ca

Q: I have a Toolbox on my truck. Can I install a REALTRUCK BACKRACK® with it?

A: Yes. The Toolbox Bracket mounting system allows you to install a Toolbox without drilling holes in your truck. Your Toolbox sits on top of two channels allowing you to mount the Toolbox up against the REALTRUCK BACKRACK® Frame. This leaves a minimal gap between the Toolbox and the REALTRUCK BACKRACK®. Without the Toolbox Brackets, a gap of eight to fourteen inches will exist between the Toolbox and the REALTRUCK BACKRACK®. The Toolbox is fastened to the Toolbox Brackets as opposed to being drilled or fastened to your truck bed. This means no holes drilled in your truck to fasten the Toolbox.

Q: Do the Toolbox Brackets come included with the REALTRUCK BACKRACK®?

A: If you specify that your truck has a Toolbox when ordering, the Toolbox Brackets will be included in the large REALTRUCK BACKRACK® carton. ( order Part # 10519 TB instead of Part # 10519 ).

Q: Can the Toolbox Brackets be purchased separately if I add a Toolbox later?

A: Yes. If purchasing the Toolbox Brackets separately you will replace the Railmount Brackets and Rail Plates that came with the REALTRUCK BACKRACK® when you purchased it. Keep in mind that selling the Toolbox Brackets separately allows the dealers to keep less inventory.

Q: What is the standard length of the Toolbox Brackets?

A: 21 Inches. This is the length of the channel that the Toolbox sits on.

Q: I have an extra large Toolbox. Do you offer longer Toolbox Brackets?

A: Yes. 31 Inch Toolbox Brackets are available for all trucks excluding Compacts.

Q: I ordered Toolbox Brackets. There are no fasteners in the box. Why?

A: Toolbox Brackets that are sold separately ( 91010, 91011, 91012, 91013, 91010-C ) are meant to replace the existing Mounting Brackets and Rail Plates that came with the BACKRACK®. Along with the existing Brackets came a Hardware Bag containing all fasteners. You use the fasteners in the original Hardware Bag to install the Toolbox Brackets. Basically, you are removing the Railmount Brackets and Rail Plates and replacing them with the Toolbox Brackets.

Q: Do I still use the Rail Plates with the Toolbox Brackets?

A: No. The Toolbox Brackets are designed to sit directly on the bed rails.

Q: How do I know which Light Bracket Accessory I need?

A: You need to establish where on the REALTRUCK BACKRACK® you want to locate the light ( Drivers Side, Passenger Side or Center ) and determine what size the light is ( Diameter or Length & Width ). Click the Accessories Tab to scroll through the available options to find the accessory most suited for your application.




Q: My decals have fallen off. Can I get new ones?

A: Certainly. Provide us with your mailing address and we will mail new ones free of charge. We need to know if your truck is full-size or compact and, which decal you require. E-mail your request to info@backrack.ca

Q: How do I know which Part # to order for my truck?

To find out which part numbers are correct for your truck, please use our "Build My Rack" tool.

Q: UPS has damaged the carton and parts are missing. What do I do?

A: Breathe deeply and exhale, don't get too upset over a situation we can fix. Call or email us and we will assess the damage and get you what you need to finish the installation.

Q: I think I have the wrong Part # for my truck. What now?

A: It's possible that the problem can be solved by exchanging a few small parts as opposed to the entire large carton. If you purchased the product from a dealer, parts will need to be returned to them. Call or email us at support@backrack.com and we will assess what needs to be done.

Q: I am missing a fastener from the Hardware Bag. What now ?

A: Every now and then mistakes happen. Our apologies. It's likely that the nut or washer you are missing can be had at the local Home Depot. If you can pick one up there that would speed the installation dramatically. Failing that, call or e-mail us support@backrack.com and we will ship you the missing part.

Q: Do you sell Hardware Bags or Stake Pocket Bolts separately?

A: No. The minimum Kit configuration sold is the Hardware or Mounting Kit ( 30119 / 30119 TB ).  These Hardware Kits contain everything but the Frame itself.




Q: Are TCAs available for my model of truck?

A: TCAs are stock for 10501, 10509, 10512, 10517, 10537 and 10519. Basically all late model Fullsize Trucks have TCA's stock and available.

Q: My truck is not listed above. Can I still get TCA's for my truck?

A: Yes. We are in the process of adding more TCAs to fit more trucks and will build to suit or customize TCAs to suit your requirements. We do offer Part # 92001 that is a universal TCA for older trucks. This lifts the REALTRUCK BACKRACK® assembly 2" as opposed to 1". We prefer the 1" risers but the 92001 will solve the issue for older trucks. Please contact the factory for details.

Q: How do I know if my model of Tonneau Cover will work with the TCAs?

A: Only Tonneaus that fasten to the inside lip of the truck bed are compatible. REALTRUCK BACKRACK® requires the top rail of the pickup bed to install. Tonneaus that sit primarily on the top rail of the truck bed are incompatible. Older type button Tonneaus and Aluminum Frame types aren't compatible. To find out if your tonneau cover is compatible, please use our "Build My Rack" tool.

Q: Why do I need the TCAs?

A: You need the TCA's to lift the REALTRUCK BACKRACK® assembly up 1" to clear the height of the Tonneau. The TCA's provide a stable and safe base on which to sit the REALTRUCK BACKRACK®. Secondly, the added 1" of height requires an extended Stake Pocket Bolt to replace the original SPB that came with your REALTRUCK BACKRACK®.




Q: Where can I buy a REALTRUCK BACKRACK®?

A: To locate a REALTRUCK BACKRACK® dealer, please click on the 'Dealer' tab.

Q: Can I buy directly from the manufacturer?

A: Sorry. We support our dealers and distributors.

Q: There is no dealer in my area. How do I get a REALTRUCK BACKRACK®?

A: If there is no dealer in your area one of our authorized Web Dealers can take your order and have product shipped to your location. Payment with Credit Card is quick and easy.

Q: The dealer doesn't have stock on my Part #. Why is this?

A: Many of our dealers purchase from a larger stocking Distributor that delivers to the dealer weekly or bi-weekly. Once they order from the Distributor your product should arrive in a few days.

Q: I am a REALTRUCK BACKRACK® dealer and want to be included on your Dealer Locator. How do I get listed?

A: Simply call or e mail brittany@backrack.ca  and we will get you on the site.

Q: Can a REALTRUCK BACKRACK® be shipped UPS right to my home or business?

A: Yes. UPS does ship all REALTRUCK BACKRACK® products.


Q: I ordered a REALTRUCK BACKRACK® and it hasn't arrived yet?

A: Orders to the lower 48 states typically arrive within 5 business days of being shipped. If your wait is longer than that, please call or email support@backrack.com and we will track it for you. It is not uncommon for the carrier to deliver one package one day and two more two days later.