REALTRUCK BACKRACK® focuses solely on manufacturing a quality line of truck racks and accessories and are the leaders in truck racks across North America.

REALTRUCK BACKRACK® is the market leader in Cab Guards for pickup trucks.  Our innovative designs allow our customers to achieve the look they desire for their trucks.  By constantly listening to our customer base we continue to develop products that are compatible with other accessories, and that means the customer never has to compromise.  Our hands on approach to manufacturing and rigid quality control process provide the foundation for our success.

Some of our competitors design or copy products and hand them off to a third-party manufacturer to add to their assortment of products. At REALTRUCK BACKRACK®, we have been manufacturing quality truck racks since 1988. We have focused on our core product line and, as a result, our processes are lean and efficient. This has enabled REALTRUCK BACKRACK® to offer competitive pricing, superior quality, and fast turnaround times for our dealers and distributors. We are emotionally invested in our products, our company, and our reputation. When third party manufacturers build products, that level of commitment is lost.

REALTRUCK BACKRACK® products are available wherever truck accessories are sold across North America. Our product is never far from where you need it. Our extensive network of Distributors and Dealers ensure that REALTRUCK BACKRACK® products are available for installation on your truck immediately or, within a few days. Be sure to ask for REALTRUCK BACKRACK® products by name and please, don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. Only REALTRUCK BACKRACK® products have the REALTRUCK BACKRACK® trademark on the product. 



Function and style for today's trucks