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About Hardware Kits

REALTRUCK BACKRACK® hardware kits are available in both no-drill and low profile designs.

REALTRUCK BACKRACK® Cab Guards utilize existing holes within the truck's stake pockets wherever possible. Each Hardware Kit is truck specific because we design and engineer our Stake Pocket Bolts to fit into these existing holes wherever and whenever possible.  In instances where there are no stake pockets, we unfortunately require you to drill through the bed rail.  We never hesitate to invest in the tooling and design required to create simple but effective fastening systems for our products.

Our STANDARD no drill Hardware Kit is designed to be used on trucks that will not have a cross bed Toolbox behind the cab. This system consists of a Railmount Bracket and Rail Plate that adds strength to the sheet metal bed rail of the truck.  The Rail Plate provides a solid base on which to secure the Cab Guard assembly.  Only this Hardware Kit is compatible with TONNEAU COVER ADAPTER Brackets.

Our TOOLBOX no drill Hardware Kit is designed to accommodate a standard 21" cross bed Toolbox.  The Toolbox sits on top of the Toolbox Brackets allowing you to slide the Toolbox forward so that bed space is not wasted.  The Toolbox is secured to the TOOLBOX BRACKETS by drilling sheet metal screws through the Toolbox and into the top of the TOOLBOX BRACKET.  Drill and bolt is also acceptable.  Clamp hooks that come with the Toolbox are not required.  TOOLBOX BRACKETS are also available in 31" length as an accessory.  Not compatible with TONNEAU COVER ADAPTER Brackets.

Our new LOW PROFILE DRILL Hardware Kit is available for select late model full-size trucks.  These require you to drill two holes through the top of the bed rail for installation.  If you must have the Toolbox sitting at bed rail height this is the option.   Four carriage head bolts secure the assembly allowing you to place the Toolbox at a low profile using existing clamps that came with the Toolbox.  Drill if you must.  Not compatible with TONNEAU COVER ADAPTER Brackets.