Will My Old BACKRACK™ Fit on My New Truck?

Will My Old BACKRACK™ Fit on My New Truck?

Will My Old BACKRACK™ Fit on My New Truck?

Purchasing a new truck is a significant investment. That’s why it’s important to do your homework beforehand!

From fuel economy to insurance costs, there’s a lot to consider before choosing a new make and model to buy. And if your previous truck had a BACKRACK™, you’re likely wondering if it will fit your new truck, too.

Here’s what’s important to know about your BACKRACK™ product before taking your new truck out of the lot!

Check the Frame Size

Determining whether your BACKRACK™ will fit your new truck depends on your new truck’s make and model.

In most cases, if you are purchasing the same make and model of truck, your current BACKRACK™ should fit. However, if your new truck is an entirely different make and/or model, the frame size may no longer be the correct one.

A frame that is too big or too small will take away from your new truck’s aesthetics. If the frame is too small, then you’ll need to purchase a new one. Too large of a frame? Then you’ll likely have to drill a few new holes to position the brackets in the correct location.

Ensure Your Mounting Hardware is Correct

Every BACKRACK™ product requires a mounting kit, which consists of brackets that attach to the frame and vehicle specific stake pocket bolts. These kits are truck specific since the stake pocket bolts are designed to fit into existing holes as much as possible.

Confirming that the mounting hardware is correct for your new truck is crucial to ensuring a proper fit. Check with your local dealer to see if your current mounting kit will be suitable for your truck.

Installing a BACKRACK™ on Your New Truck

Designed and manufactured in Oakville, Ontario, BACKRACK™ products are created with ease of use in mind.

Since the majority of our trucks require no drilling when installing a BACKRACK™, all that is typically needed is a set of wrenches. Although the installation is a little more complicated if you have a bed liner or toolbox, it can still be quickly completed.

Most truck owners find installing their BACKRACK™ product simple; however, if assistance is needed, your local dealer is more than happy to help.

Drilling of Holes Normally Not Required

In most cases, holes do not need to be drilled into your new truck to fit your BACKRACK™. Full-size late model trucks never require holes to be drilled.

However, when a truck lacks stake pockets, holes will need to be drilled through the bed rail. Contact your dealer for assistance if this is the case with your new truck.

Purchasing a new truck is an exciting time! Although there are many considerations to make, ensuring you will still be able to enjoy your BACKRACK™ product is essential.

For more information on ensuring your BACKRACK™ will fit your new truck, contact your local dealer today!