When Should Headache Racks Be Used?

When Should Headache Racks Be Used?

When Should Headache Racks Be Used for your Pickup Truck?

If you are thinking about installing a headache rack on your pick up truck, the first question that you should ask yourself is whether you really need one. Headache racks, also called truck racks, are used for a variety of purposes in work, life and play. If you own a truck and regularly use it for transporting things, chances are that at some point you will have use for a headache rack.

Generally speaking, these racks are used when you transport large cargo. If everything that you carry in your pick-up truck is relatively small and can fit neatly inside your toolbox or under your Tonneau cover, then a headache rack may not be necessary. If however, you ever transport larger items; if you’ve ever helped – or will help a friend move; or if you enjoy activities such as camping, cycling, kayaking, etc. then a headache rack is a great investment.

Headache racks take the headache out of transporting large items. They allow you to tie your cargo down securely so that it is not a hazard to you, other drivers or to your truck.

Headache racks for work

Some people install headache racks in their vehicles because they transport a lot of supplies or equipment for their jobs. These racks allow for you to secure items such as lumber, PCV pipes, and machinery so that you can get them safely to and from the job site.

BACKRACK™ is a high-quality headache rack manufacturer in North America and offers additional accessories for our headache racks to make them even more useful for work. Our tool rack for example, allows you to easily secure smaller items to your headache rack such as rakes and shovels. Light brackets allow for you to add additional lighting for safety.

Headache racks for play

Many people who install truck racks for work also find them quite valuable for play. They are great for securing items that you might take on a camping trip such as canoes or kayaks. Headache racks are also an excellent alternative to a trailer when you want to transport recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles, sea doos, and ATVs.

For very large items, BACKRACK™ also offers side and rear rails so that you can tie down your items at multiple points or keep them raised to prevent them from damaging the sides of your truck bed.

Headache racks for life

Finally, truck racks can be extremely useful for those unexpected jobs that pop up in everyone’s life from time to time. Perhaps a friend has asked you to help them move. Or you just got a text from your wife saying that she’s purchased an antique hutch and needs your help getting it home.

If you already have a headache rack installed on your vehicle, there is no need to hire a moving van when these types of jobs arise.

As you can see, the number of scenarios where headache racks can be used is practically endless. If you already have a toolbox or Tonneau cover installed in your vehicle, don’t worry. At BACKRACK™, we have designed adapters that allow for you to install our headache racks along with what you already have – so you get the best of both worlds!