Which BACKRACK™ is Right for Me

Which BACKRACK™ is Right for Me

Truck racks are used to convert your truck bed into a versatile, multi-purpose vehicle. They are durable, versatile, and heavy-duty.

Truck racks are used to convert your truck bed into a versatile, multi-purpose vehicle. They are durable, versatile, and heavy-duty.  They are made of metal and fit in the cargo area on the back of pickup trucks and offer a layer of protection for carrying heavy loads

A pick-up truck rack can significantly increase the amount of cargo that is being transported to locations.  They can provide extra levels of storage to stack things like ladders or building materials. Truck racks are ideal for an individual contractor or a construction crew since they can hold and transport large amounts of materials. 

Because they are lightweight and simplistic in their style and design, they add little additional weight to the truck’s bed. This feature of lightweight construction allows for additional weight in materials while avoiding any concerns about damage to the truck’s body.

When a truck rack is added that depends on the suspending the cargo above the truck bed instead of being in contact with the truck bed, the truck’s outer shell is protected from wear, tear and damage. Not only is this beneficial for the shell’s protection, the same suspension also allows for extra cargo to be added above the truck’s cab as well as the sides. The ability to utilize the added suspension leaves additional space in the pickup’s bed for materials less rough.

Truck racks have another feature that is particularly helpful for carrying cargo. It provides additional protection for the back of the truck in the event of a rollover and it protects the back window from breaking apart. Although truck racks are lightweight and do not cause any added strain to the truck’s overall body construction, they are sturdy and can withstand stress and traumatic strikes without collapsing.

Truck racks are not only superior additions for helpful in hauling cargo and preserving the truck’s appearance, they can be colour-matched to the truck for a great appearance. They are versatile in nature and easy to assembly, making them a welcomed feature to any pickup truck.

Selecting the right truck rack

Selecting what type of truck rack you might need for your pickup is a bit confusing. The type of truck you drive is the most important factor in determining what rack to purchase because there are different racks available for pickup trucks. Truck racks are designed for different types and weights of hauling cargo. 

The Original BACKRACK™

BACKRACK™'s simple and open design makes it easy to hook a bungee cord or ratchet strap around the flat bar. Rest a ladder or long lumber between the uprights and secure. Tie bulky cargo to the BACKRACK™ with the confidence knowing that your rear window and cab are protected from shifting cargo. 

For a different look and style, check out our Open Rack, Louvered Rack, Half Louvered Rack, Three Light Rack or Three Round Rack.

Rear Bar  for Ladder Transportation

Pickup truck ladder racks are a practical option for contractors and do-it-yourself individuals who are limited on space for carrying cargo. They are specifically designed to keep your ladder safe and secure without the need to sacrifice valuable bed space. If you work on farms or construction sites, valuable cargo capacity is paramount to getting your projects done quickly and efficiently.

Safety Rack

If your cab’s protection and employee safety are of concern due to the materials you are carrying in your truck bed then consider a safety rack. Truck safety racks offers not only window and cab protection, but it also provides more width to carry ladders and long cargo. One of the advantages of a safety rack is the visibility provided through the rear window while protecting it with a full welded wire screen.

Your Truck is Your Lifeline

Your truck is more than just a vehicle; it is your lifeline to operating your business, so choosing the right truck rack will keep it protected and make your job a lot easier.  Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.