Using BACKRACK™ to Transport a Ladder

Using BACKRACK™ to Transport a Ladder

Using BACKRACK™ to Transport a Ladder | Racks for Trucks

You know that BACKRACK™ truck racks are great for securing all kinds of tools and equipment – but what about longer items such as ladders? You’ll be pleased to learn that simply by adding the BACKRACK™ rear bar to your vehicle, our truck racks are ideal for transporting ladders and longer loads.

Whether you are a contractor headed to a work-site, or just going across town to help a friend with his weekend project, BACKRACK™ provides a safe and efficient way to get long ladders from point A to point B without causing damage to your vehicle or risking the safety of yourself or others.

Easy installation and Ladder Rack removal

You probably don’t transport ladders with your pick-up truck all the time, so it’s good to have an accessory that is quickly and easily installed and removed so that you only have to have it when you need it. The BACKRACK™ rear bar is installed simply by inserting it into the rear stake pockets of your truck. There is no drilling involved, and there are no screws or additional hardware that you need to fiddle around with.

When you are not using the rear bar, just slide it out and keep it in your garage or other storage area until the next time you need it. Nothing could be easier!

The BACKRACK™ rear bar is ideal for use with our truck racks regardless of which of our four models you use.

Using your rear bar with your truck rack

When transporting something like a ladder, the BACKRACK™ truck rack and rear bar work together to secure your cargo and both ends. Using a ratchet strap, bungee cord or rope, simply secure one end of the ladder to your truck rack and the other end to the rear bar.

This will keep the ladder completely elevated off your vehicle – protecting your truck from getting dented or scratched while still providing an excellent measure of security so you can drive confidently knowing that your ladder is going to stay safely in your truck.

Why use BACKRACK™ as opposed to other truck racks?

There are a number of reasons why so many truck owners prefer the BACKRACK™ truck rack over other brands for transporting ladders and other items.

For starters, BACKRACK™ has a low profile, and open design which makes strapping down a ladder a breeze. With a BACKRACK™ truck rack and rear bar, transporting a ladder will not add a lot of additional height to your vehicle. In most cases, you should be able to drive and park just about anywhere you could without the ladder.

Our truck racks and accessories are extremely sturdy, durable and easy to install. They look great, and there are four different models to choose from. BACKRACK™ products are designed and manufactured right here in North America which means a lot in today’s economy.

So whether you need to carry a ladder, lumber, tools or anything else for that matter in your truck, you know that you can trust BACKRACK™.