Your Ultimate Guide to Tailgating

Your Ultimate Guide to Tailgating

Your Ultimate Guide to Tailgating - Tailgating Accessories

Your pickup truck might be used to business throughout the week and quite possibly work harder than you do. When the weekend arrives, you no doubt want to have a little fun. Your pickup truck is the perfect companion, and tailgating is the ultimate fun filled activity.

When the big game is upon you, be sure to get all the tailgating accessories needed for your pickup truck to make the weekend a huge success. Similar to the truck accessories you have installed for your work, tailgating accessories are a necessity to ensure a great time. Any good tailgating event should take some planning. Don't just bring your pickup truck for the ride. Partner up with your pickup truck to ensure a good time with these tailgating accessories.

Of Course, a Cooler

Certainly, you've thought of bringing the cooler. On those hot, hot days of summer, ice may not do the trick. It's definitely worth considering having a plug in refrigerated cooler for those really hot days. Consider keeping a corkscrew and bottle opener in your cooler all year round. You will find yourself the hero through out the year.

A Board

Keep a board wide enough to carry a dinner plate in the back of your pickup truck. Tailgating parties have the best food. Propping a length of board across the wheel wells of your truck will have you and your loved ones eating comfortably instead of off your laps.

Don't Forget Blankets

Keep loads of blankets in your pickup truck. Great for keeping warm when the sun goes down on all that tailgating and can be used as a comfy seat to watch the game.

A Lockable Box for your Belongings

While you are tailgating, your belongings can be at risk. Consider a lockable box as one of your pickup trucks accessories. Storing all your valuables while the tailgating party rages on won’t have you with regrets when the party is over. Your ultimate tailgating experience will be dampened when you don't take precautions.

A Comfy Inflatable Mattress

Pillows sound like a good thing to pack when preparing for a tailgating party but are bulky and take up loads of room. While pillows remain a pain in your pickup trucks butt, an inflatable mattress won't take up any room at all. A great way to turn the bed of your pickup truck into an awesome tailgating accessory.

Create a Portable Pool with a Tarp

If you really want to be the life of the party, consider lining the bed of your truck with a tarp and fill it with water. A pool of cool water can take the edge off any hot summer day.

Last but Not Least, a Portable Grill

If you are in the market for a portable grill for the tailgating season, your choices are plenty. Whether it be a smoker or a bbq, the options are endless. All very portable and very affordable and just the thing to complete your tailgating party.

Bringing your truck out after hours can broaden its use and bring you even closer to that beloved pickup truck. Tailgating just isn’t the same without a sturdy truck in tow.