Truck Racks for Tonneau Covers

Truck Racks for Tonneau Covers

Truck Racks for Tonneau Covers | Tonneau Covers | BACKRACK™

If your truck is sporting a tonneau cover, you already know that it's great for many reasons. Some things it's not so great with are many of the truck as accessories out there. Do not despair. Your truck can be sporting both a great looking tonneau cover and a useful truck rack. There is a truck rack out there for your handsome truck and it's cover. BACKRACK has just the thing.

Your standard pick-up truck rack will not fit properly with a tonneau cover. A truck rack, when not installed properly or when the wrong rack is installed, can alter the look and functionality of your tonneau cover. If your cover can no longer do its job properly, a truck rack will not be worth the time and money invested. There are, however, many truck racks that will fit with the right hardware kit. These kits will make the appropriate adjustments and have that truck rack fitting like a glove in not time.

The BACKRACK 4000 series hardware kit.

This hardware kit works with many tonneau covers including:

•    Access vanish and Lorado
•    Lund Genesis roll up
•    Rollback and roll X
•    Undercover Flex
•    Revolver X2
•    Truxedo Titanium and Lo Pro

Many additional covers will fit as well. Check with your manufacturer. Each kit comes with everything you need to install your new truck rack. Except for the frame. The 4000 series hardware kit will raise the profile of the bed above the tonneau cover making it possible to install your new truck rack.

The BACKRACK 5000 series hardware kit.

This kit will fill the needs of all truck owners wishing to install a backrack on their truck with both hard and soft covers. The 5000 series hardware kit works with the following covers:

•    Lund Genesis Tri-Fold
•    Bestop EZ Fold
•    Extang's Solid Fold and Trifecta

This hardware kit will enable your truck rack to sit lower in the bed. This will prevent an addition to the clearance height of your truck. Again, each kit includes everything you'll need to install your truck rack except the frame.

Installing a truck rack on your truck can be easier said than done. Instead of fighting with instructions and foreign parts, check out how-to videos online. There are several visual examples showing, step by step how to install your truck rack. Installing a truck rack on top of a tonneau cover will take extra steps but doesn't have to be complicated. Take your time when installing and enjoy your new truck rack. If you're still left with questions, contact us today at our toll-free number 1-800-265-8137 and our team of experts will be ready to help.