What is the purpose of truck bed rails?

What is the purpose of truck bed rails?

Backrack truck racks are great for tying down and securing equipment and supplies that you are transporting in your truck bed.

BACKRACK™ truck racks are great for tying down and securing equipment and supplies that you are transporting in your truck bed. But some longer or larger items such as ladders or small vehicles like snowmobiles or motorcycles might need to be secured in multiple places – which can be difficult to do with just a truck rack. Truck bed rails are an ideal solution for transporting these types of items.

What are truck bed rails, and how do they work?

Truck bed rails are simply long metal rails that sit on top of and run the length of the truck bed walls. These rails can serve as tie-down points for larger items that are being transported within the truck bed, and they can also be used as protection against dents and dings from objects that may be hanging over the side of the truck bed.

Truck bed rails make it much easier and more convenient to tie down your larger items at multiple points and from multiple angles.

And there is one more reason why so many people choose to add truck rails to their vehicles. They look great. That’s right – beyond the utilitarian and very practical reasons for installing truck rails, some people just like the way they look and want to make their truck look a little more stylish. And that’s ok too – we are certainly not going to judge!

Uses for truck bed rails

Whether you use your truck for a specific business purpose (such as a contractor), or solely for family and recreational purposes, there are benefits to be had from installing BACKRACK™ truck bed rails. Some uses for truck bed rails include the following:

  • Commercial – tying down equipment such as ladders and machinery as well as tying down materials and supplies such as lumber or pipes.
  • Farming – tying down farm equipment and supplies.
  • Personal – truck bed rails are ideal for when you are transporting larger personal items such as furniture or large appliances.
  • Recreational – tying down sporting or recreational equipment such as ATVs, kayaks, skis, etc.


One of the nice aspects about BACKRACK™ truck rails is how incredibly easy they are to install. Our truck rails are customized according to the make and model of your vehicle, so they fit perfectly – and best of all, installation requires absolutely no drilling. We make use of the stake pockets that are already part of your vehicle, and we send you the specific mounting package required for your specific make and model of truck.

If you regularly haul larger items in your truck bed for work or for play, or if you simply want to enhance the appearance of your vehicle, then BACKRACK™ truck bed rails are a great option. Just like our truck racks, our truck bed rails are made right here in North America using only the best materials.

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