Transporting Long Cargo with BACKRACK™ & Rear Bar

Transporting Long Cargo with BACKRACK™ & Rear Bar

Transporting Long Cargo with BACKRACK™ Truck Rack & Rear Bar

Carrying long loads such as ladders and lumber in your pick-up truck can be a challenge. Since weight distribution of these items can affect your manoeuverability, anything you can do to improve safety while transporting such items is important. At BACKRACK™, we understand that sometimes a truck rack alone is not enough to protect your vehicle and secure everything that you want to transport. That’s why we offer a variety of accessories to suit various needs. In the case of transporting long loads, we recommend the BACKRACK™ truck rack and rear bar.

How the BACKRACK™ rear bar protects you truck

Our sturdy rear bar is the ideal accessory if you are going to be using your vehicle to carry long loads that will not fit inside the truck bed. The rear bar keeps items such as ladders and lumber from scraping against your truck.

It also helps keep everything secure by giving you an additional point on which you can secure such loads.

Improved manoeuverability

In addition to helping to keep your vehicle free from dents and scrapes that might be caused by moving cargo, the BACKRACK™ rear bar can help you retain the manoeuverability of your truck. If long loads are allowed to shift while you are on the road, they can cause unexpected changes to the weight distribution in your vehicle.

Especially if these loads are heavy, such shifts can make steering more challenging and in some cases can even affect the safety of the vehicle.

Better clearance

The BACKRACK™ truck rack in combination with the rear bar will allow you to travel more places when you are transporting long cargo. The low profile design of the BACKRACK™ means that you’ll have the clearance you require when driving under bridges and power lines as well as into parking garages.

Longer cargo which is properly secured between the BACKRACK™ truck rack and rear bar will be much easier to get through these more constricted areas.

Why use BACKRACK™?

Perhaps you are wondering why it is best to use BACKRACK™ products when carrying long loads as opposed to some of our competitors. While it is true that there are other truck racks and rear bars on the market, there is good reason why so many pick-up truck owners choose BACKRACK™:

  • Easy to install – Both our truck rack and rear bar are exceptionally easy to install meaning that you can spend less time outfitting your vehicle and more time transporting the items that you need to haul.
  • High quality – Our products are not only extremely durable and high quality but they are also 100% North American made.
  • Stylish design – Who says that working truck accessories have to look ugly? Not us! We know that you take pride in the appearance of your vehicle – so we take just as much pride in the accessories that we make for it.

No matter what kind of long cargo you are carrying in your vehicle, it is important that you are able to transport it with the utmost safety in mind without causing damage to your truck. The BACKRACK™ truck rack and rear bar provide the ideal solution.