Tonneau Cover Adapters Provide Function and Style for Today's Trucks

Tonneau Cover Adapters Provide Function and Style for Today's Trucks

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As a truck owner who wants both the practicality of carrying tools, but the security and style of a cover, there no longer needs to be a decision between purchasing a Cab Guard or a Tonneau Cover. Now, you can have the best of both worlds by purchasing one of BACKRACK’s Tonneau Cover Adapters, which make our reputable cab guards work with a selection of Tonneau Covers.

Which Tonneau Cover Adapter is Right for My Truck?

BACKRACK™ sells two different adapters that allow for compatibility with our Tonneau Covers. Designed to work with both hard and soft folding covers that sit on the top of the truck’s bed rails, our 50XXX Series is for Wide Top Rail Covers. For late model full-size trucks, a shortened version of the Backrack Style Cab Guard is available. Other than the Backrack Frame, the 50XXX Series Kits include everything you will require for installation; a separate Hardware Kit is not required.

Our 40XXX Series is for Inside Rail Clamping Covers – covers that clamp to the inside rail of the truck’s bed rails. Like the 50XXX Series, these kits also include everything required for installation besides the Backrack Frame and do not need an additional Hardware Kit.

To see if your Tonneau Cover is compatible, use our helpful Spec Your Truck guide.

How do Tonneau Cover Adapters Work?

For installation, Tonneau Covers require the same area as the BACKRACK™ Cab Guards, which is the top of the truck’s bed rail above the stake holes. The 40XXX Series lift the Cab Guards up and over the cover. The 50XXX Series permits the cover to slide inside the Adaptor in addition to lifting the Cab Guard up and over the cover. Watch our helpful videos for installation methods!

A Quality Reputation Since 1988

At BACKRACK™, we pride ourselves on providing the best truck products for our customers. By manufacturing our product exclusively at our Oakville, Ontario plant, we can also consistently provide customers with the highest quality products. By not relying on offshore manufacturing, we are able to provide fast turnaround times for our dealers and distributors. Our warehouse locations in Ontario, New York and California ensure our product is always close to your home.

Providing Our Customers with Competitive Pricing

Since our manufacturing processes are as efficient and lean as possible, we are always able to provide you with competitive pricing. From the design of our product, to manufacturing, distributing and selling it to customers, we are emotionally invested in not only our product line but also our company’s reputation. We provide our customers with the best product and customer service possible.

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We care deeply about our company’s reputation and we work hard to provide our customers with only the highest quality, best priced, reputable products. To see how our Tonneau Covers can be the perfect addition to your Cab Guard, contact us today to discuss our Tonneau Cover Adapters!