The Rear Bar from BACKRACK™ - Truck Ladder Rack

The Rear Bar from BACKRACK™ - Truck Ladder Rack

The Rear Bar from BACKRACK™ - Truck Ladder Rack

Making sure that your truck can adapt to any and every situation is part of the reason you put so much work into it. You don’t know what every job and project will involve when you set out for the day. Being prepared isn’t just for boy scouts anymore. The Rear Bar in combination with any of our other back racks doubles both as a cab guard and a ladder rack. The Rear Bar from BACKRACK™ gets the job done right the first time. Carrying ladders, lumber, or other long loads is easy with the Rear Bar. It protects the cab of your truck while safely securing the load, keeping you and your friends on the road out of danger.

Professional First Impressions

Appearances matter. Making a good impression is important. When you arrive on the job site, you want to be looking your best. A Rear Bar allows you to keep everything in place, where it should be. By using a Rear Bar in place of a more obtrusive ladder rack, you can transport more supplies, saving you time and money down the road.

Keep a Low Truck Profile

The Rear Bar integrates seamlessly onto the cab of your truck. Unlike other Ladder Racks, the Rear Bar is only there when you need it. Save time by not having to constantly install and disassemble a large, cumbersome Ladder Rack with the Rear Bar. Better yet, you can leave your fear of parking garages behind because the Rear Bar does not add any extra height to your vehicle. The Rear Bar is installed by simply dropping into the rear Stake Pockets already on your truck, and there are no tools required. The Rear Bar’s two-inch tube runs the width of your truck bed with tie hooks that line up with the BACKRACK™ Cab Guard. Once it’s installed, you can open and close the tailgate freely. Take a look at this brief video on how to install, remove, and properly use the BACKRACK™ Rear Bar.

Rear Bar Advantages

While there is the odd occasion when you need a four poster Ladder Rack, the majority of the time, you just don’t. The Rear Bar is the solution for you if you carry one or two ladders on a regular basis. Or, if you only have to carry long loads every now and then. If this describes your needs, then a Rear Bar is a much more cost-effective solution for your needs.  Transporting a ladder or long loads using the Rear Bar is simple and quick. All you need to do to achieve a safe, secure fit, is to use ratchet straps, bungee cords or rope at both the Rear Bar end, and any one of BACKRACK™’s Cab Guard products.

The Rear Bar from BACKRACK™ makes transporting long loads, ladders, and other cargo, simple without having to make major alterations to your vehicle. When you’re not using the Rear Bar it comes right out and can be stored in the cab of your truck.