The Benefits of a Headache Rack

The Benefits of a Headache Rack

The Benefits of a Headache Rack | Headache Rack | BACKRACK™

At BACKRACK™, we have earned a reputation for continuously producing a reputable, North American made product that meets our customers’ needs. We know you work hard at work, which is why our product strives to make work easier for you!

Your Safety is BACKRACK’s First Concern!

Our headache racks provide a safety advantage for securing heavy or awkward loads that you transport with your truck. Installing a headache rack enables you to carry ladders and long loads carefully and safely secure shifting cargo. If necessary to brake quickly, heavy objects are prevented from coming through the rear window. You’ve invested a lot of money in the tools and equipment transported by your truck – keep them safe by installing one of our headache racks, which are compatible with our tonneau covers.

In addition, having a headache rack still allows you to mount almost any light or accessory. Our original BACKRACK™ products have a simple, open design so that you can attach a ratchet bar or bungee cord around the flat bar with ease.

Functionality Meets Practicality

No need to worry…installing a BACKRACK™ onto your truck does not interfere with the look of your truck! We’ve kept our headache rack products stylish and modern so that the overall look of your truck is not compromised. Better yet, our headache racks will help keep your truck looking as good as possible by preventing dents and scrapes in your truck bed. We manufacture our headache racks using American made hot rolled pickled and oiled steel so that it will continue to perform – even during the toughest construction jobs! In addition, powder coating our product instead of using paint ensures it is built to resist rust.

Added Safety Protection with our Safety Racks

If cab protection and safety is your biggest concern, then we highly recommend installing one of our Safety Racks. Similar to our original BACKRACK™ product, Safety Racks are designed using rugged steel construction – but in this case, a two-inch wire screen is manufactured using 3/16" cold rolled wire that is welded at each and every intersection. This provides a tool that is strong enough to attach to, but still easy to see through.

No Restrictions when Parking your Truck

Since our product has a low profile design, you are able to park your truck in places that you couldn’t with a full-size ladder rack, such as in garages, downtown or in a multi-level parking lot. Our headache racks really are made with practicality in mind!

Other Truck Rack Options from BACKRACK™

Our insert rack enables you to choose from four insert designs that tailor to your individual style. For example, choose the open centre design if you have a rear sliding window or require truck bed access from the cab.

BACKRACK’s™ latest design, the louvered rack, is an ultra-sleek look that still incorporates the reputable quality of our other racks.

Providing Help for the Toughest Jobs!

BACKRACK’s™ stylish headache racks are engineered to provide you with the strength and functionality required for even the toughest jobs. Learn more by contacting us today!