Safety Tips For Pick Up Truck Drivers

Safety Tips For Pick Up Truck Drivers

Safety Tips For Pick Up Truck Drivers | Driving Safe

Pick-up trucks are versatile vehicles. They can easily be used for day to day errands and running around town, but they are also great for work because of the amount of equipment they can accommodate in the back. These powerful, heavy duty vehicles help us haul, tow and get us where we need to be. But like any other tool of the trade, there are some important safety tips that should be observed.

Passengers go in the cab – not the back!

We’ve all seen images of pick-up trucks travelling down a country road with people – often kids – blissfully riding along in the back. Some of us may even be guilty of doing this ourselves! But it’s time to put an end to this dangerous and illegal behaviour. 

Seatbelts and airbags have been placed in modern vehicles for a reason – to protect the driver and passengers in case of an accident. The back of a pick-up truck offers no such protection. Even a minor collision or large pothole, can toss a person out of the back of truck, causing injury or putting them into the path of another vehicle. 

To some, riding in the back of a truck may seem reminiscent of the “good ol’ days” but it is not worth the risk. Especially with your children and loved ones.

Tie down tools and equipment

When you work in an industry for which you have to haul a lot of tools and equipment to the jobsite, having the capacity that a pick-up truck provides is wonderfully convenient. But because most trucks are open, it can also pose a danger if items are not secured properly.

At best, tools and other equipment might rattle around potentially becoming damaged or causing damage to your truck. At worst, an item could fly out of the truck causing injury or death to another driver or bystander.

It’s vitally important that you take the time to secure everything inside your truck properly. That’s why BACKRACK™ offers so many solutions including truck racks, side and rear bars, tool racks, etc. Find the product that best suits your needs and incorporate it into your daily safety routine.

BACKRACK™ Safety Rack

If you happen to be hauling especially heavy equipment, there is also an additional consideration of protecting those inside the cab of the vehicle. Sudden stops have the potential for causing heavier items in the back of the truck to be thrown forward through the rear cab window.

The BACKRACK™ Safety rack protects the rear window with a heavy duty wire screen, keeping you and any passengers that might be inside the cab safe. Of course our safety rack also offers the same quality and versatility for transporting and securing items as our other truck racks.

Of course, when you’re driving a pick-up truck, it is important to observe all the other safety rules that you would normally observe when driving a car such as driving at a safe speed, and a safe distance from other cars, staying off your cell phone etc.

But the special features of a pick-up truck (mainly the hauling capacity), mean you must take special safety considerations as well.

So from all of us here at BACKRACK™, we wish you happy – and safe – driving.

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