Rear Window Protection for Your Pickup Truck

Rear Window Protection for Your Pickup Truck

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Every pickup truck owner who routinely hauls large and heavy loads knows that special safety considerations need to be taken. Items must be safely secured in the truck bed; longer items that extend outside of the truck bed will have to be flagged, and even driving itself must be done more carefully as a change in the weight of the vehicle affects the way that it will handle on the road. However, one safety consideration that not everyone thinks of is protecting the rear cab window.

Even cargo that is properly tied down may shift a bit when a pickup truck driver steps on the brakes. This is especially true if the brakes need to be applied suddenly in order to avoid a collision. In some instances, it is possible for a sudden shift of cargo to be thrown forward in the truck bed, and break the rear cab window, potentially injuring the driver or passengers inside the cab.

How to Protect your Rear Cab Window

The best way to prevent the items that you are hauling from breaking your truck’s rear window is a proper barrier between the window and your cargo. With lighter items, the original BACKRACK™ truck rack can often make the difference between a safe ride and a risky one.

If, however, you are hauling heavy items or cargo that is more prone to shifting, the BACKRACK™ safety rack is ideal. BACKRACK™’s safety rack provides optimal protection by fully covering the rear cab window with a screen. Using 3/16” cold rolled wire which is welded together at each intersecting point, the designers of BACKRACK™ have created the ultimate rear window protection.

Ensure Items are Properly Secured

Once you have an original BACKRACK™ truck rack or BACKRACK™ safety rack installed, it is still important to ensure that your cargo is properly secured in your truck bed.

For larger items, it is best that they are secured at three points using the appropriate bungee cords or ratchet straps. Accessories such as BACKRACK™ side rails or a rear bar can provide you with additional points on your truck to secure items. For smaller items such as tools, consider using the BACKRACK™ tool rack in order to keep items from moving around.

Why Choose BACKRACK™ for Rear Window Protection?

There are a number of manufacturers putting products on the market made to increase the safety and functionality of your vehicle. Sadly, many of these products are produced overseas using cheap labour and lower material quality standards.

At BACKRACK™, we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing all of our products right here in North America, using only the best materials. BACKRACK™ products are not only designed to function at the highest levels, but they are also made to look great on your vehicle and can be installed without any drilling.

Take steps today to protect your cargo, your rear cab window, and the people inside your vehicle. Use the Spec My Truck feature on our website to determine which BACKRACK™ products are right for you, and if you're still left with questions, contact us today at our toll-free number 1-800-265-8137 and our team of experts will be ready to help.