BACKRACK™ - Easy Installation

BACKRACK™ - Easy Installation

Each BACKRACK™ truck rack is engineered to fasten securely in the truck’s stake pockets, and install in minutes, and without drilling.

BACKRACK™’s are quickly becoming standard equipment on fleet vehicles across North America. The design provides versatility to fleets and individual contractors who use the BACKRACK™ pick-up truck racks because of its function and style. They can be installed in minutes, without having to drill through the roof. 

Choose BACKRACK™ for its stylish appearance, which is both attractive and functional, rugged steel construction, powder coating (not painted) for maximum rust resistance, cab protection, mounting locations, securing your cargo, variety of accessory brackets and ease of installation.

Most people find installing a BACKRACK™ simple. As most applications are no drill, all that is necessary are a few wrenches. If you have a Bedliner or Toolbox, the installation is slightly more involved but just as easily tackled. Install your new rack in no time as the easy bolt-on installation process can be done at your own home.

Each BACKRACK™ truck rack is engineered to fasten securely in the truck’s stake pockets, and install in minutes and generally without no drilling needed. Installation requires no drilling on the majority of trucks, and each BACKRACK™ Cab Guard is compatible with over and under the rail bedliners as well as spray in-liners.  If necessary, BACKRACK™ can also be removed in minutes. 

The strength of any Cab Guard is determined by how it's secured to the truck. BACKRACK™ designs all racks to use existing holes within the truck’s stake pockets to achieve an industrial-grade, no-drilling installation whenever possible. At BACKRACK™ we know there are no shortcuts to quality.

While you want the strength and security that comes with BACKRACK™ SIDERAILS, we know that looks are also important. BACKRACK™ SIDERAILS give a flush, clean look by utilizing a channel that’s welded to the bottom of the base rail, allowing us to hide the fasteners inside the stake holes. You can confidently secure loads and cargo to BACKRACK’s SIDERAILS because we design them for commercial applications.

SIDERAILS are engineered to custom fit each individual truck bed. Our Stake Pocket Bolt installation system is designed to allow the SIDERAILS to simply drop into the stake holes and fasten down firmly using a simple ratchet. Our custom fit and no-drill installation separates our product from competitors. 

Installation is simple. Drop them on and bolt them in. Once you secure the custom Stake Pocket Bolts in the stake holes, the SIDERAILS drop into the pockets over the bolts. Turn down the nuts with a ratchet and finish the installation by inserting the plastic cap inside the stake holes to hide all the fasteners. The SIDERAILS aren’t designed just to be pretty. They are designed for the kind of abuse our racks take every day. 

BACKRACK™ offers no-drill installation on most trucks. It fastens using BACKRACK™’s exclusive no drill hardware. Quality North American made, BACKRACK™ is the brand you can trust.