Mounting Your BACKRACK™

Mounting Your BACKRACK™

Mounting Your BACKRACK™ | Truck Rack Installation

At BACKRACK™, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality truck racks and safety racks, but we understand that these racks can only provide as much security as their installation will allow.

Furthermore, we know that truck owners do not want to have to start drilling holes in their pickup trucks to make it possible to tie down their cargo.

That’s why BACKRACK™ truck racks use a unique no-drill installation process which makes mounting your BACKRACK™ quick, easy and secure. And unlike some of the competition, our truck racks can be installed with all brands of toolboxes as well as with most Tonneau covers.

One of the many things that Backrack customers appreciate is the fact that BACKRACK™ is so easy to install. There is no need to send your vehicle to the shop and do without it for days on end because installation is a relatively simple DIY task.

Receiving your BACKRACK™

When you receive your BACKRACK™, you will get two to three sets of parts depending on your specs: the BACKRACK™ itself, the installation hardware, and any adapters you may require for your toolbox or Tonneau cover.

Be sure to use BACKRACK™'s spec ordering guide to choose the installation package that is right for you. When you receive your order, do a quick check to make sure you have all the necessary pieces and review the instructions carefully before you begin.

While the installation process is not complicated, some truck owners may have extra steps such as removing a bed liner.

BACKRACK™ Installation

Installation of your truck rack is done using existing holes in the truck’s stake pockets. In doing so, you’ll achieve an industrial grade installation, and you won’t have to worry about damage to your vehicle. If you are installing the truck rack onto a vehicle with a toolbox or Tonneau cover, use the riser stakes or adapters instead of the regular installation hardware and tighten the stakes into place.

Mounting Bracket Installation

Mounting brackets fasten to the stakes, sitting securely on top of the side walls of your truck bed.

The edges of BACKRACK™’s mounting brackets are manually sanded ensuring each edge is perfect smoothed for the cleanest look and feel possible. Another advantage is that the rounded smooth edges will hold more powder during the powder coating process. This makes the finish more dependable, and it will help keep your vehicle looking its best.

Assembling Your BACKRACK™

Once the installation hardware is securely in place, you will need to preassemble your BACKRACK™ before placing it onto the stakes and securing it. This is simple to do and can be done by one person – just be careful not to hit the cab window when you are installing the truck rack.

Finally, tighten BACKRACK™ into place, and it is ready for use!

If you are looking for a truck rack that is of the highest quality, yet easy to install without risking damage to your vehicle, then you simply can’t go wrong with BACKRACK™. For more detailed installation guidelines, check out our online installation guides.  We make headache racks for most makes and models including the Ford F150, Chevy Colorado, Nissan Frontier, and the GMC Sierra.