Montana Headache Racks

Montana Headache Racks

Taking care of your truck throughout the varied climate of Montana is a priority and BACKRACK™ is here to help.

Montana lives up to its reputation of being rugged. Montana is the fourth largest state in the U.S. and has a total of 77 named mountain ranges. All are part of the Rocky Mountains. In fact, its name is derived from the Spanish word, Montana, meaning mountain. Getting up and down all those slopes requires a rugged and powerful vehicle. It's no wonder that truck sales in Montana are some of the highest in the country.

With so many drivers in Montana who love their trucks and want to protect them, it is no wonder than so many of them choose BACKRACK as their headache rack or truck rack of choice.

Pick-up Trucks in Montana and the Industries They Support

Montana is known for a lot of things. We think having a lot of nicknames should be one of them. Montana is often referred to as "big sky country." Others call Montana the "treasure state." "Land of the shining mountain" is popular and don't forget about their claim to fame as being "the last best place." Whatever you call it, Montana can be called home for so many pickup truck owners.

The nature-based industries in Montana that are driving the economy include forestry, mining, ranching, agriculture, oil, gas, and coal. With a varied climate that has temperatures ranging from 28 degrees Fahrenheit in January to 85 degrees in the middle of July, you can imagine that convertibles aren't popular. Trucks are, thus, BACKRACK™ headache racks can be seen all over the state, assisting in the arduous work that is done in Montana by trucks each day.

Even if you don't work in an industry that requires a truck, a hobby like fishing and hunting will be made a lot easier with a truck. Taking care of your truck throughout the varied climate is a priority, and BACKRACK™ is here to help.

BACKRACK Headache Racks Provide Protection for Trucks, Equipment, and Passengers

If you're living in Montana and you're a truck owner, that truck is not a status symbol but a necessity, and like all necessities, it's important to take care of your investment. These sturdy truck racks will help you to secure any items you may be transporting in your truck bed, which means protection for your vehicle, your cargo, as well as anyone who may be riding in your vehicle.

Easy No-Drill Installation

When deciding to add anything to your existing truck, choose wisely. A genuine BACKRACK™ product will add value to your truck as they are built to last the lifetime of your vehicle.

BACKRACK™ will enable you to enhance your trucks usability without drilling holes into your vehicle. This is an important feature and one that not all truck rack suppliers offer. All BACKRACK™ products are designed around your truck's existing frame and can be installed and removed easily and without damage to the paint or frame. This allows the truck owner the luxury of having more than one BACKRACK™ and several accessories. The BACKRACK™ you use in Montana for that long weekend fishing trip will likely not be the same one you would use for your landscaping tools.

As always, if you take care of your truck, it will take care of you. BACKRACK™ is here to help. Montana is often referred to as God's country. With a BACKRACK™ product, your truck can look and feel like God's truck.