Kayak Racks for Pickup Trucks

Kayak Racks for Pickup Trucks

Kayak Racks for Pickup Trucks | BACKRACK™ Truck Racks

Whether your thing is gliding peacefully at sunset along a serene lake in your touring kayak or whether you prefer to brave the class 4 rapids of your favourite river in your white water kayak, you are still going to need a kayak rack to get your boat from your home to the water. And if you’re not lucky enough to be living right on the water, transporting your kayak will usually mean a combination of a vehicle and a rack. A car with a roof rack is one solution, but if you already have a pick-up truck and a BACKRACK™ truck rack, you can easily use this to get your kayak from point A to point B.

Why Let Your BACKRACK™ Double as a Kayak Rack?

A BACKRACK™ truck rack can help you safely transport your kayak to its next adventure. Just as your BACKRACK™ helps prevent other tools and pieces of equipment from sliding around in the back of your truck, it can also do the same for your kayak. This protects your kayak as well as your vehicle.

If you have a very long craft such as a sea kayak, you may also want to use an accessory such as the BACKRACK™ rear bar. This will keep your kayak suspended above your pick-up truck so there will be no need to worry about scuffs or scratches on your vehicle.

The rear bar is also a fantastic alternative to a canoe rack.


BACKRACK™ May Be Used In Combination With a Tonneau Cover

Since kayakers have more equipment to worry about than just their boat, using a BACKRACK™ may be an ideal solution for them since – unlike many other truck racks – it can be used with a Tonneau cover. For example, you may want to secure your boat and paddle to your truck rack and keep smaller lighter items such as life vests, spray skirts and float bags underneath the protection of your Tonneau cover.

You May Feel Safer Taking The Pick-up Truck Than The Family Car

Oftentimes, those who enjoy kayaking have their favourite spots off the beaten path. Frequently this means travelling on dirt roads or roads that are in less than ideal condition. Taking your pick-up truck on these excursions may be safer than taking the family car.

Since you’ve already got your BACKRACK™ truck rack, taking the pick-up truck has the added advantage of not having to purchase a separate roof rack for the car.

Additionally, not only may using the pick-up be safer, it is also likely to be easier since you can get up into the bed of the pick-up truck to load and unload your kayak – rather than having to lift the kayak over your head as you would have to do with a roof rack.

BACKRACK™ truck racks are often touted as being an indispensable work tool – and indeed they are. But they also make a wonderful tool for sport and play. Whether you are an avid kayaker or enjoy another type of activity, BACKRACK™ can help get you and your equipment safely to your destination. Check out our Spec My Truck section and find a BACKRACK™ that works for you and your vehicle.