Installing Accessories for Your Truck and Truck Rack

Installing Accessories for Your Truck and Truck Rack

Installing Truck Rack Accessories | Tool Holders | Siderails

Installing accessories such as siderails, rear bars, and tonneau cover adapters can really enhance the appearance and functionality of your truck. The installation process does not have to be difficult. Most people are able to do it themselves as long as they have the right tools.

It’s ideal that you use quality accessories from BACKRACK™ that are manufactured in North America rather than cheap, copy products a lot of companies try to sell these days. You owe it to your truck and yourself to install the best accessories possible.

Popular Accessories

There are many accessories available that are compatible with BACKRACK™ truck racks. Here is a look at some of the most popular ones.

Landscape Tool Holders

These are ideal if you need to free up space in your truck bed for transporting landscape tools. You can choose between 5-tool holder models and 11-tool holder models. These are easy to install, as they simply clamp onto the cab guard. Drilling is only required for the 11-tool holder models on some compact racks. Tool holder kits come with four clamps, two horizontal tool holders, and fasteners. The design includes ¼-inch round hooks welded to tubing made with heavy gauge steel.

Rear Bar

Rear bars are convenient accessories that make it easy to carry ladders and other long items on your truck bed. These accessories work great in addition to a safety rack or BACKRACK™. They can be installed easily and detached when not needed. In many cases, a heavy duty four-post rack is not required, and a rear bar is an inexpensive alternative. For installation, you simply drop the bar into the rear stake pockets. No drilling is required, and the bar does not interfere with the tailgate.


For these high-quality siderails, the installation is simple and requires no drilling. The custom stake pocket bolts need to be secured into the holes to allow the siderails to be placed. There are also toolbox-friendly siderails available for up to 8-ft bed lengths.

Light Brackets and Bars

If you are shopping for truck lights, brackets are available in various styles. Make sure you buy one that are compatible with your type of rack. Depending on the type of light bracket accessories you choose, the lights that can be installed on the passenger side, driver’s side, or in the center.

Some styles, such as arrow stick brackets, require drilling in order to be fastened properly. There are light brackets available with existing holes in the base center through which you can run the wiring. The light can be installed at cab height beside of each tube, which can be bolted upright.

Antenna Brackets

Brackets are also available for antennas. These can be installed on the driver and/or passenger side. The design features a 7/8-inch hole in a 3 1/2-inch square base, which allows the bracket to be bolted into existing holes. The antenna can be installed atop the upright post.

These are just a few examples of the many accessories and products that are available and compatible with BACKRACK™ truck racks. Should you have any further questions regarding the accessories themselves or about their installation, feel free to contact us today.