How to Maintain Your Tonneau Cover

How to Maintain Your Tonneau Cover

How to Maintain Your Tonneau Cover - BACKRACK™

You’ve invested in a tonneau cover to keep your truck bed protected so it’s no surprise that you want to make sure it lasts! Follow the maintenance tips below to keep your tonneau cover in excellent condition for many years.

Perform Regular Inspections

On a regular basis, check your tonneau cover for anything that seems out of the ordinary. Nicks, bumps, dings, debris, looseness, scratches and corrosion should be noted. Taking the time to complete these types of repairs before they worsen will avoid costly repairs – or possibly an early tonneau cover replacement.

Ensure it’s Secure

A lot of damage can occur when your tonneau cover isn’t securely fastened in place. Check that all clamps, bolts and mounting hardware are properly attached and tighten any necessary hardware. If your cover’s slides don’t open and close smoothly, lubricate the rails to avoid the cover from sticking.

Use a Proper Washing Method

Keeping your tonneau cover clean will prevent cracking, fading and/or hardening. There are a lot of cleaners available to extend the longevity of your cover and keep it looking sleek. Choosing the proper one is key! Just like the material and quality of tonneau covers differ, so, too, do the cleaning kits.

When cleaning your cover, use a microfiber scrub or soft bristle brush throughout the cleaning process. Gently brush the cover after applying the cleaner, then rinse the cleaner off. If the dirt is not easily be removed, let the cleaner soak for five minutes before repeating the process.

Using a microfiber drying towel, dry the cover completely (preferably indoors and away from direct sunlight).

Choose the Right Protectant

After cleaning off your cover and letting it dry off completely, apply a protectant to both the cover and the plastic rim around the bed, bumper and tailgate.

Normally, a microfiber applicant is used to apply and scrub the protectant. However, since each protectant differs, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Don’t Overburden the Tonneau Cover

Even if it’s made out of the best quality, heavy, regular loads in your truck can cause your tonneau cover to sag. That’s why it’s important to rarely overburden your tonneau cover.

If you’re unsure of how heavy of a load your cover can support, review your manual or contact your supplier. Remember to distribute the weight as evenly as possible if stacking equipment on top.

Keep it Protected

If your tonneau cover is made of soft vinyl, it’s important to keep it out of regular, direct sunlight. High temperatures can increase the damaging effects of foreign contaminants to develop on the surface.

Since keeping it in the shade the entire time can cause mildew and mould to form, creating a balance between sun and shade is recommended.

The Final Words

With proper maintenance, your tonneau cover can provide you and your truck with years of protection and style. The best resource when it comes to more maintenance tips? Your local truck accessory dealer