How to Cover a Truck Bed with a Tarp

How to Cover a Truck Bed with a Tarp

How to Cover a Truck Bed with a Tarp

There are many ways to secure your cargo and protect it from the elements, but if you are looking for an inexpensive, non-permanent, yet still effective solution, then using simple tarp can be an excellent option.

Because tarps are waterproof, they are a particularly good option for you to use if you do not want your cargo getting wet. Tarps are also useful when you are carrying loose material such as soil. Truck tarps generally come with grommet holes in them which makes them ideal for use with bungee cords.

There are a few main ways that you can use a tarp to protect your cargo.

1. Wrap the cargo in the tarp

If your cargo does not fill up the entire truck bed, then you could use the tarp as a type of “wrapping.” Lay the tarp (or multiple tarps) down on the truck bed and place your cargo on top of it. Then wrap the ends of the tarp around the cargo as though you are making a large burrito. To secure the tarp, use bungee cords or even duct tape.

2. Use weight

If you are securing loose cargo such as hay, soil or gravel, using weight can be an excellent option to keep your tarp from coming loose. To do this, lay your tarp flat over the cargo and tuck down the sides. Then use something flat and heavy to keep the tarps in place. Consider getting some restaurant wet area mats to place over the tarp. These work well because they are heavy enough to keep the tarp down and the holes throughout the mats prevent them from being picked up by the wind.

3. Secure tarp using stake holes

Of course, not all cargo can be wrapped in a tarp. There will be times when you will want to cover the entire truck bed. One way to do this is to drape the tarp over the cargo and then secure it with bungee cords using the stake holes that are on the side of the truck bed.

4. Secure the tarp to BACKRACK™ and BACKRACK™ accessories

And last but not least, is our personal favourite way to secure a tarp to your truck bed. If you have a BACKRACK™ installed or BACKRACK™ accessories such as siderails or back rails, securing your tarp become much easier and more convenient.

Simply place the cargo in your truck bed and secure it as necessary. Then drape your tarp over top of your cargo and use bungee cords to secure the tarp to your BACKRACK™ siderails and/or back rails. This method has the advantage of giving you more areas where the tarp can be secured. Furthermore, it helps to lift the tarp somewhat above your actual cargo.

If you would like more information and advice on how to secure loads in your truck bed using BACKRACK™ products, contact us today. A member of our team would be happy to speak with you.