Headache Racks Required by Law?

Headache Racks Required by Law?

Are Headache Racks Required by Law? The question of whether a headache rack is required by law is not as straightforward as it initially sounds.

The question of whether a headache rack is required by law is not as straightforward as it initially sounds. That’s because many jurisdictions across North America have required them in the past for certain commercial vehicles but no longer do. And headache racks have never been required by law for personal vehicles, although they can help you fulfill some of your legal responsibilities while you are on the road. 

What is required?

Regardless of what jurisdiction you (or your employee) is driving in, there are standards for the safe transport of materials as well as standards for worker protection. You must take measures to prevent cargo from accidentally coming out of your truck while it is in transport – and potentially harming another person or damaging property. And you must take measures to keep your employees safe from any potentially that cargo will come through the rear cab window and injure them. 

And while using a headache rack is not the only way to accomplish these things – and therefore is not required by law per se – there are several reasons why you might wish to use a headache rack. 

Increased number of tie-down points

Although your pickup truck comes with a number of tie-down points, they may not be sufficient for transporting the size and/or the number of items that you wish to transport. Installing a headache rack gives you extra capacity for tying down larger or heavy items so that they stay securely in your truck bed from point A to point B.  

Ideal for transporting larger items

There are many ways to secure items in your truck bed, including toolboxes and Tonneau covers. Of course, with these items, the size of your cargo will be more limited. If you are transporting a larger item such as a piece of furniture, an ATV, or a larger piece of machinery, a headache rack is often your best bet. 

Can be fitted with accessories to suit your needs

Another advantage of installing a headache rack in your vehicle is that they can be fitted with or used in combination with a variety of other accessories. For example, a BACKRACK™ headache rack can be fitted with our tool holder accessory for transporting long tools such as landscaping equipment; or you can give yourself added visibility by incorporating BACKRACK™ light holders. 

For transporting larger items, you may wish to use a BACKRACK™ rear bar or siderails in order to protect your vehicle from dings and scratches. 

Protects your rear cab window and the people inside your vehicle 

Depending on what you are transporting, a sudden stop could jolt cargo forward, potentially causing it to come through the rear cab window and injure those inside the vehicle. A headache rack can help protect against this. And for even greater protection, you may want to consider something like the BACKRACK™ Safety Rack

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While headache racks are not specifically required by law, you do have the legal obligation to ensure that your cargo is being transported safely and that those inside your vehicle are protected. A headache rack can help you accomplish both of these goals. 

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