Four Reasons Pickup Truck Sales Are Connected To The Oil And Gas Industry

Four Reasons Pickup Truck Sales Are Connected To The Oil And Gas Industry

Why Pickup Truck Sales Are Connected To The Oil Industry

When you think about places where you might find a whole lot of pickup trucks, you might think of locations that have rugged geography or challenging weather conditions, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that rough terrain and harsh climate would be good indicators for high truck sales in a region. But there’s another emerging factor that’s increasingly at play – the growth of the oil and gas sector.

Pickup Truck Sales Are Only On The Rise

Pickup trucks are the vehicle of choice for many drivers in both the United States and Canada. Ford’s F-Series pickup line has been the best-selling truck in America for 37 years in a row, and has been the country’s top-selling vehicle overall for the past 32 years. Considering the wide range of vehicle options out there for consumers, that’s quite a feat. In 2013, F-Series truck sales accounted for 32% of Ford’s total vehicle sales in the United States.

In 2014, the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association reported that the top three selling vehicles in Canada were light pickups. Ford sold over 125,000 F-150 pickup trucks, making it the best-selling vehicle in the country, racking up nearly twice as many sales as the best-selling passenger car, the Honda Civic.

Where Will You Find The Most Pickup Trucks?

According to Polk Automotive’s vehicle registration data in 2013, the five American states that generated the most new F-Series registrations were Texas, California, Florida, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. Those new truck registrations will tell you something about the industries that continue to grow in those locations.

The Link Between Trucks and The Oil and Gas Industry

If we take a closer look at the five states noted above, we can gain a better understanding of just why pickups are so popular there. In three of those five states – Texas, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania – the growth of the oil and gas industry appear to be behind the demand for trucks, which would be needed for all of the heavy duty work that’s part of the very nature of the industry.

The burgeoning practice of fracking – injecting pressurized fluids into the ground to break up rock and access oil and natural gas – in the shale regions of the American Midwest and Pennsylvania has ramped up the need for pickups. The power and hauling capability of pickups often make them the only vehicle suited for fracking-related jobs.

Tough Trucks For Tough Work

The work that takes place the oil and gas industry, both in the United States and Canada, can be difficult and draining. Heavy equipment and tools need to be hauled about, and that means trucks are the vehicle of choice in the oilfields and shale regions.

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