The Many Different Uses for BACKRACK™ Truck Racks

The Many Different Uses for BACKRACK™ Truck Racks

The Many Different Uses for BACKRACK™ Truck Racks

Most people who purchase a BACKRACK™ Truck Rack do so with a specific purpose in mind. They are often contractors, farmers, or miners who need to haul certain types of equipment safely from point A to point B and they require a sturdy and reliable truck rack that will last them for years to come.

But the thing we hear so often from our customers is the fact that BACKRACK™ truck racks are incredibly versatile. Our customers may buy them for one reason, but they quickly find a whole slew of other uses for them! Here are just a few of the ways that people have found to use BACKRACK™ with their vehicles.


This is the most obvious use for most of our customers since many of them are contractors who need to get equipment and supplies to their job sites. BACKRACK™ truck racks are not only extremely functional in this regard but they also look great on any pickup truck. This is very important to our business customers who understand the importance of maintaining a professional image.

Helping Out Friends and Family

If you are the “guy with the truck” in your circle of friends, then chances are you’ve spent many weekends helping friends with weekend DIY projects, moving, etc. (We know this because at BACKRACK™, many of us are truck owners too!)

While pickup trucks are extremely handy for helping out those we care about, they are even handier with BACKRACK™ since you can easily tie down large and bulky items for transport.


Many of our customers have told us that their BACKRACK™ truck racks have proven invaluable for family camping trips and other outdoor excursions. Our truck racks have been used to secure everything from bicycles to kayaks to stand-up paddle boards.

Why invest in a roof rack for your car when you’ve already got BACKRACK™ on your truck?

Spring Cleaning/Yard Clean-Up

Junk removal services have become very popular in recent years, but still many people would prefer not to pay someone else for work that they can do themselves. If you’ve got a big yard clean-up project on your hands or simply want to rid yourself of some junk, why not move it with your own truck and secure it with BACKRACK™?

Large Purchases

If you or another family member enjoys shopping on online classified sites such as Kijiji or Craigslist, then chances are, you are going to require a pickup truck if you’d plan on purchasing anything large. And if you are buying large items at a retail store you may be able to save some money if you can transport the item yourself rather than having it delivered.

Wherever you make your purchases, you are going to want to ensure your items are not ruined on your way home because of too much bouncing around in the truck. Securing your items with BACKRACK™ can help you get them home safely. 

There are so many uses for BACKRACK™ truck racks and we love to hear from our customers about the new ways they have found to use them. If you’ve found a unique use for your truck rack, drop us a line, we’d love to hear about it!