Custom Headache Rack with Lights - BACKRACK™

Custom Headache Rack with Lights - BACKRACK™

At BACKRACK™, we carry a variety of both headache racks and light brackets so that you can design a look that is perfectly suited to you.

Adding a headache rack is something that a lot of truck owners do with their vehicles to increase safety when transporting equipment and materials. Some truck owners also add lights to their headache racks for increased visibility.

And even though these upgrades may be essential for their businesses or hobbies, no self-respecting truck owner wants their vehicle to look exactly like the guy’s down the street. They want their vehicles to reflect their personal sense of style. They want it to be custom.

And guess what? A custom headache rack with lights is easier than you think! At BACKRACK™, we carry a variety of both headache racks and light brackets so that you can design a look that is perfectly suited to you.

BACKRACK™ Headache Racks

At BACKRACK™, we carry eight different styles of truck rack ranging from our sleek and classic original Backrack to our durable Safety Rack and the elegant Louvered Rack. We also have a Three Light Rack that has the light brackets built right into the headache rack itself. Our other models are our Open Rack, Three Round Rack and our half versions of our Safety and Louvered Racks.

For those who need the most heavy-duty rack they can get, we recommend our Safety Rack. For those who want more of a classic appearance, they can’t go wrong with the original BACKRACK™. And for those looking for something a little more unique, one of our other six models is sure to please.

BACKRACK™ Light Brackets

Once you have chosen the ideal headache rack for you, head on over to our Accessories Page, where you will find a wide assortment of light brackets. In each product description, you will find included which of our truck rack models, each light bracket fits and whether drilling or cutting is required.

We have various types of mounts depending on where you wish to place your light (driver’s side, passenger’s side, or centre) as well as mounts for various types/shapes of lights.

Other Products Accessories 

While you can order other BACKRACK™ accessories and products at any time, it won’t hurt to peruse our site for other items you might be interested in to customize your vehicle. This includes items like our rear bar or side rails, or landscape tool holder.

With all the options and combinations of options that BACKRACK™ has available, you won’t have to worry about running into your truck twin anytime soon. Unless, of course, you are ordering for your fleet, which we can certainly help you with as well.

Why choose BACKRACK™?

BACKRACK™ products are proudly made in North America and are simply some of the sturdiest and most stylish truck racks on the market. Our easy no-drill installation process makes them quick to install, and our light brackets and other accessories make them endlessly customizable.

If you are looking for a custom headache rack with lights for your vehicle, you can’t go wrong with BACKRACK™. Call us today to speak to a member of our team.