Cleaning Your BACKRACK™

Cleaning Your BACKRACK™

Cleaning Your BACKRACK™ | Pickup Truck Racks | North America

BACKRACK™ customers are men and women who take a lot of pride in their trucks. And part of that pride means that they like to keep their trucks looking their best. That’s why we sometimes get asked questions about how to clean BACKRACK™ truck racks.

We get this question especially from people whose work involves going to dirty or dusty locations, hauling equipment that’s been in the mud, or even just driving through bad weather, your truck rack will get dirty and maybe even scratched. But we understand the desire to keep your truck looking pristine – we have that desire for our own trucks! So here are a few tips to help keep your BACKRACK™ looking shiny and new.

Clean as you would clean your truck

Quality is king here at BACKRACK™, so our products are very sturdy and durable. That means that for the most part, you can clean your BACKRACK™ just the same way that you would clean the rest of your truck. Remove tools and equipment from the back and then proceed to wash your truck the way that you normally would – either manually with a hose and some soapy water or by taking it through a touchless automatic car wash.

If your truck rack is especially dirty, you may want to wipe away some of the dirt manually before taking your truck through a car wash.

Cleaning the nooks and crannies

Depending on what style of BACKRACK™ you have, there may be some places that are difficult for a touchless car wash to get at and these are the spots where dirt can build up. The BACKRACK™ safety rack for example, consists of a wire screen with multiple welded intersections.

For these nooks and crannies, try using a soft brush or rag to clear away any dirt and debris.

A more thorough cleaning

While it certainly isn’t necessary to remove your BACKRACK™ from your vehicle before cleaning, you may want to do so occasionally for a more thorough cleaning.

The no-drill installation process makes it a simple matter for the average truck owner to uninstall, clean, and then reinstall their truck rack.


It is the job of your BACKRACK™ to protect your truck from getting scratched by the tools and equipment that you are hauling. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean that your truck rack is what ends up getting scratches on it. Noticeable scratches however are rare because of the powder coating that we use.

While a scratch or two won’t harm the integrity of the truck rack, it certainly doesn’t look all that nice to be driving around with a scuffed up rack. If this is an issue for you, simply keep a can of black touch-up paint on hand to cover up any scratches which you may get.

Keeping your truck looking its best means also keeping your BACKRACK™ clean and looking its best too. Fortunately, the sturdy construction and quality material of our products mean that they are easy to clean. So go ahead, take your truck where you need to take it – driving through dirt, dust and the elements. Because cleaning your BACKRACK™ is easy. If you have yet to own a BACKRACK™ or you are looking at getting siderails or accessories then take a look at the wide ranges of BACKRACK™ products we have available.