BACKRACK™ - Choosing the Right Truck Rack Style

BACKRACK™ - Choosing the Right Truck Rack Style

BACKRACK™ - Choosing the Right Truck Rack Style

BACKRACK™ truck racks are designed first and foremost to be sturdy and functional but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look great too. As truck owners ourselves, we understand the pride that people take in their work vehicles. That’s why we provide a number of styles, which means that your truck rack will not only be a wonderful tool for securing items in your truck, but it will also help you make a statement.

Let’s have a look at some of our popular styles:


A classic! Our original BACKRACK™ is both stylish and functional.  Men and women who choose this style love the clean and simple lines of this truck rack. The original BACKRACK™ truck rack, not only helps them secure tools and supplies in their truck, but it also acts as a practical alternative to other makes of truck racks. The low profile design allows you to park your truck in spaces that traditional ladder racks would not allow.

Safety Rack

The safety rack is for those that require extra protection for those riding in the cab of the truck. If you transport heavy materials that could potentially come through the rear cab window in the event of a sudden stop, you’ll appreciate the added coverage and protection that this style provides.

The two inch welded screen protects while our high-quality workmanship ensures our safety rack still looks great on any vehicle.

Louvered Rack

The louvered rack is our latest design here at BACKRACK™ and our customers are absolutely in love with it! This style looks cool and for those truck owners who want to add a trendiness to an otherwise serious looking vehicle, this is definitely a popular choice.


Of course in additional to choosing the ideal type of truck rack, many of our customers choose to further personalize their vehicles by choosing the accessories that most fit their lifestyle and personal sense of style. These accessories include Tonneau cover adaptersside rails, back rails, light brackets, tool racks and more.

It all depends on how you most use your vehicle and what you transport that will determine which accessories are right for you.

Still not sure which style to choose?

If you’d love to outfit your vehicle with a BACKRACK™ truck rack but you still aren’t sure which style would work best for you, then we encourage you to visit us or give us a call and speak with one of our helpful customer service representatives – they will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you select the style that is best for you.