Choosing the Right Tonneau Cover Adapter for Your Truck

Choosing the Right Tonneau Cover Adapter for Your Truck

Choosing the Right Tonneau Cover Adapter for Your Truck

Day in and day out, your truck works hard for you…and asks for nothing in return.

Don’t you think that the least you can do for it is keep its contents protected and safe while maintaining its stylish looks?

One way of ensuring this happens is by pairing a Tonneau Cover with one of BACKRACK™’s Cab Guards.

Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be when you learn that BACKRACK™’s Tonneau Cover Adapters easily make our Cab Guards compatible with many Tonneau Covers!

Determining if Your Tonneau Cover is Compatible with our Cab Guards

With BACKRACK™, choosing the proper Tonneau Cover Adapter is easy! You can do so in one of three ways:

  1. Using our online Compatibility Chart, see at a glance which Tonneau Cover Adapter (if applicable) would work on your truck.
  2. Simply input your truck’s information into our free, convenient, online software. Immediately determine if a BACKRACK™ truck bed rack is compatible with your Tonneau Cover. Besides just Tonneau Cover Adapters, you will be able to see what other BACKRACK™ products and accessories are available for your truck.
  3. Contact your local BACKRACK™ dealer to speak to a sales representative.

Our 50XXX Series: Designed for Wide Top Rail Covers

We have two different series of Tonneau Hardware Kits to meet your individual truck’s needs.

For hard and soft folding covers that sit above the truck’s bed rails, the 50XXX Series Tonneau Hardware Kits are compatible. These kits have everything necessary for install besides the Frame and work with such as Extang’s Solid Fold and Trifecta, Lund Genesis Tri-Fold and Bestop EX Fold.

The BACKRACK™ Cab Guards will be compatible with the 50XXX. However, they will sit two inches higher than installation without a Tonneau Hardware Kit. To prevent this issue, we recommend using the new 1502X series BACKRACK™ Cab Guard, which are two inches shorter than our standard BACKRACK™ Cab Guards.

Own a late model full-size truck with a Cover? Our shortened version of the BACKRACK™ Cab Guard will work when paired with the 50XXX Series.

Our 40XXX Series: Designed for Inside Rail Clamping Covers

The 40XXX Tonneau Hardware Kits are created for Covers that attach to the inside rail of a truck’s bed rails. Designed to be partnered with covers such as Bak Industries Bak Flip (Revolver X2 and Rollback and Roll X), Access Vanish and Lorado and Undercover Flex, the 40XXX series also includes everything necessary for install except the Frame.

We Make Installation Easy!

Our Tonneau Covers and Cab Guards occupy the top of the trucks bed rail above the stake holes. Install is easy by following our user-friendly videos available online, or by contacting your local dealership!

Unlike our previous 925XXX Series, you do not need to purchase a separate Hardware Kit for either the 50XXX and 40XXX Series.

Getting All the Details

For complete cross reference, please see the online Tonneau Compatibility Guide or contact us for further information.