Can You Bring A BACKRACK™ Truck Rack Into A Car Wash?

Can You Bring A BACKRACK™ Truck Rack Into A Car Wash?

Can You Bring A BACKRACK™ Truck Rack Into A Car Wash?

When truck owners purchase a BACKRACK™ for the first time, they naturally have a lot of questions about it. Some of these questions have to do with the truck rack’s functionality, installation, etc. But then there are other questions, which demonstrate how much pride our customers have in their trucks. For example, many people who love having their vehicle always in pristine condition will ask about how to clean their BACKRACK™. A common question when it comes to cleaning whether or not they can take their BACKRACK™ through a car wash.

The answer to the carwash question is a simple “yes” – although, we do recommend using the touchless style of car wash.

Let’s have a look at some of the BACKRACK™ features that make it possible to take our pick-up truck racks through car washes.

Low Profile

Other brands of truck racks tend to be quite tall and therefore reduce your vehicle’s amount of clearance room. When a truck owner uses one of these types of racks, it can put restrictions on where they can drive and park their vehicle. Low overhangs, parking garages and other spaces can suddenly become off limits – and yes, this includes car washes.

The innovative folks at BACKRACK™ however, have developed a truck rack that does not add height to your vehicle. This means, that anywhere you can take your truck without a truck rack, you can take it with BACKRACK™.  So if you normally like to take your truck through a car wash, you can still do so once your BACKRACK™ truck rack is installed.

Sturdy Construction

Not all truck racks are created equal. Other manufactures may use lower quality materials or even outsource to overseas companies for their inexpensive labour.

At BACKRACK™, we pride ourselves on quality workmanship in every product that we make. From start to finish, BACKRACK™ truck racks are made right here in Canada. When you install one of our products, it should be just as sturdy and durable as the rest of your vehicle. In fact, you should be able to rely on it as if it were a part of your vehicle.

So if your truck can go through a car wash – then so can your BACKRACK™!

Secure Installation

Just because installation of our truck racks doesn’t require drilling any holes, doesn’t mean that our unique and easy installation process isn’t sturdy and reliable.

Understandably, one of the biggest reasons that our customers ask whether or not they can take a BACKRACK™ through the car wash is because they are looking for assurance that our product is not going to move or shift on them.

No need to worry here – our truck racks are designed to take abuse from all manner of rattling tools, equipment and bumps in the road. A little soap and water is certainly not going to move them!

So if your BACKRACK™ is starting to look a little grubby and in need of a bath, have no worries. You can always get it looking shiny and new again with a trip through a touchless car wash!

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