Can I transfer BACKRACK™ over to my new Truck

Can I transfer BACKRACK™ over to my new Truck

You've bought a new truck and want to switch your BACKRACK™ over. This is possible, but there are few things you should know first.

Today’s trucks look great, so why mess with their good looks with one of those awkward full frame racks. BACKRACK™ combines the style, strength and utility you demand with distinctive styling that complements your truck’s good looks.

Often imitated but never duplicated, BACKRACK™ products are the industry leader in both quality and style. We focus our efforts on the select products we manufacture. This enables BACKRACK™ to offer you a superior quality product at a reasonable price. Everything you’ve wanted for your truck that won’t break your bank.

BACKRACK™ truck rack is a truck-specific rack system specifically for the back of certain truck cabs. And one of the main reasons people like BACKRACK™ is because it’s user and accessory friendly.

Now, what if you have a BACKRACK™ for your current truck and you’re looking at buying a new truck. Will your old BACKRACK™ fit on your new truck? 

It is possible, but there are a few things to consider:

If the new truck is the same make and model, there shouldn’t be a problem. If you have changed vehicles the frame size is likely different and may be too big or too small. The most important part to remember is that the Mounting Hardware is correct for your new truck. This consists of the Brackets that attach to the Frame, and the vehicle specific Stake Pocket Bolts that mount into your front Stake Pockets.

These parts are available in a package called a Mounting Kit. Mounting Kits are available for purchase. If the Frame you currently have is too big for your new truck you will likely need to drill a few new holes to position the brackets in the correct location. If the Frame is too small you're going to need a new one, so your BACKRACK™ will fit snug, and will look proper on your truck.

If you aren’t sure and you need to know whether you will require a new one,  it’s best to email those specific questions to us at or call us at 905-849-3633.