How and Where to Buy a BACKRACK™ - Alaska

How and Where to Buy a BACKRACK™ - Alaska

How and Where to Buy a BACKRACK™ - Alaska | Racks for Trucks

For truck owners in Alaska, a BACKRACK™ can be a versatile and valuable piece of equipment that can be added to their vehicles. BACKRACK™ truck racks and accessories give your cab some added functionality while looking good in the process. If you need to carry ladders or lengthy loads, secure cargo, or mount tools, a BACKRACK™ will do the job while still letting you see out of the back of your cab.

BACKRACK™ has several warehouse locations, and we distribute our products to a wide range of dealers and distributors in hopes that they’ll always be close at hand to our customers, wherever they may be. From Anchorage to Alyeska, and from Juneau to Delta Junction, you’ll be able to get a BACKRACK™ for your truck, either from a local distributor or from an online dealer. No matter where you are in Alaska, here’s how you can buy a BACKRACK™ for your truck.

Check our listing of dealers

The first step in finding a BACKRACK™ is to head over to our Find A Dealer page. Enter your zip code in the box to find out whether there’s a dealer or distributor close to you. Here’s an example:

We’ll use Anchorage as our sample city. After entering the zip code, you’ll be presented with a map of the city. Zoom out on the map and look for red markers, which indicate the location of a BACKRACK™ dealer. Within Anchorage, you’ll see two retailers, along with the contact details for each business. Call or head over to one of those dealers to find out more about the BACKRACK™ options available for your truck.

On the same map page, you can zoom out further to see where else in the state of Alaska you’ll be able to find a BACKRACK™ dealer. We have distributors located not only in Anchorage but also in Prudhoe Bay and in Fairbanks.

What if there isn’t a retailer in my city?

Not to worry. If there isn’t a dealer or distributor in your city, or one nearby, you’ll be able to order a BACKRACK™ from a number of online retailers. Our authorized online retailers will stock a wide array of BACKRACK™ products and accessories, and take credit card payments to make the ordering process quick and easy.

Since we take pride in supporting our network of distributors and dealers, you will not be able to purchase BACKRACK™ products or accessories directly from the manufacturer.

A note on shipping BACKRACK™ products

Once your order is placed from one of our authorized online retailers, your BACKRACK™ product or products will be shipped directly to your home or business. Keep in mind that some products ship separately, so you may end up receiving a package of your order one day, and another package a couple of days later.

Wherever in Alaska you may be, you’ll be able to get a BACKRACK™ for your truck. Your truck is capable of handling snowy days and tough terrain, and adding a BACKRACK™ will help your vehicle carry a load securely through whatever job or journey you may take on. So if you're ready to transform your truck into the ultimate machine for any job, contact us today. Our team of professionals will be ready to help you find the right truck rack.