BACKRACK™ Side Rails: Commercial-Tough with Great Looks Too!

BACKRACK™ Side Rails: Commercial-Tough with Great Looks Too!

BACKRACK™ Side Rails | Pickup Truck | No Drill Installation

When it comes to installing side rails on your pick-up truck, we know that there are a lot of choices out there. But for truck owners who are looking for side rails that are tough enough to stand up the rigours of commercial applications and stylish enough that they are proud to be seen with in public, the number one choice is BACKRACK™ side rails.

Commercial grade side rails

The name BACKRACK™ has always been synonymous with quality, and our side rails are no exception. Every BACKRACK™ product is designed and produced right here in North America with durable materials that can handle any job that your truck can.

Since many of our customers use their BACKRACK™ truck racks and accessories for commercial purposes, we build our products to be commercial-tough. While some of our competitors use fasteners for their side rails such as rubber plugs and metal screws, we know that this simply won’t cut it for commercial applications. Instead, BACKRACK™ side rails are installed using the existing holes in your bed rail and are then fastened using bolts.

Easy installation and no drilling means that you can spend less time installing your side rails and get your vehicle back to work all the faster.

We stand by our products 100% whether it be for personal or commercial use. Our side rails are manufactured using industrial grade HRPO tube, meaning they can take whatever abuse you throw at them. The durability and design of our side rails means that you can ratchet away when tying down your cargo.  You’ll break a strap before you damage a BACKRACK™ side rail!

Keep your truck looking great with BACKRACK™

Just because your truck is a working vehicle doesn’t mean it can’t look great too. In fact, for many business owners, their trucks are part and parcel of their brand and having a professional looking vehicle is key to making a good impression with customers.

Like all BACKRACK™ products, our pickup bed rails are designed for both functionality and good looks.  When installed, our side rails have a flush, clean look. This is achieved by using a channel that is welded to the bottom of the base rail. Fasteners stay hidden inside stake holes, and the entire look is completed using a black plastic cap.

Our side rails are available in two different lengths – one that runs the full length of the truck bed and another that is shortened for truck owners who use a cross bed toolbox.

Transport cargo with confidence

BACKRACK™ side rails are ideal for transporting any items that you’d like to have lifted up off of the truck bed. Larger and bulkier items that might otherwise scrape or damage your vehicle during transport can be secured using various combinations of BACKRACK™ truck rack, side rails, and rear bar.

When not transporting items, you can drive with confidence knowing that your BACKRACK™ products look great and will continue to look great for as long as you have your truck. For more details on purchasing BACKRACK™ side rails for your vehicle, click the Spec My Truck link.