BACKRACK™ No Drill Installation

BACKRACK™ No Drill Installation

BACKRACK™ No Drill Installation for your Pickup Truck

Adding a truck rack to your pick-up truck can provide you with a lot of added safety and utility for transporting items. But at BACKRACK™, we understand that you want to spend more time using your truck rack rather than wasting time on the installation process. We also know that truck owners love their vehicles and the last thing that they want to do is start drilling holes in their “baby”.

That’s why we offer products that have a no-drill installation process. Mounting your BACKRACK™ to your pick-up truck is quick and easy, without the use of drills that will only damage your truck and affect their resale value. We even offer no-drill installation kits that allow you to install our truck racks over toolboxes and Tonneau covers.

With BACKRACK™ no-drill installation, mounting your BACKRACK™ won’t require a trip to the shop. Instead, it is a simple DIY job that you can do at home.

Your No-Drill Installation Kit

When you order your BACKRACK™ truck rack, you will be asked the make and model of your vehicle as well as details about any toolboxes or Tonneau covers that you may have. Depending on the specs that you provide, you will get two or three sets of parts along with any adapters that you may need.

When ordering, don’t forget to use our spec ordering guide to choose the right installation package. Check to make sure that you have received all the necessary pieces and read over the instructions before you begin the installation.

Backrack’s famous no-drill Installation

When you install your BACKRACK™ truck rack, you will do so by using the pre-existing holes located in the truck’s stake pockets. This will give you an industrial grade installation that will not damage your truck. When installing a BACKRACK™ on a truck that has a Tonneau cover or toolbox, riser stakes or adapters will be used to tighten the stakes. 

Mounting brackets

Backrack’s mounting brackets are attached to the stakes and sit securely on your truck bed’s side walls. The edges of the brackets have been sanded manually so that each edge is smooth and clean. This helps the product hold on to its powder coating so that your BACKRACK™ truck rack will look its best for years to come.

When the mounting hardware is all in place, the next step is preassembling your BACKRACK™ truck rack and finally securing it into place on the stakes. This is a relatively simple one-person job. When placing your truck rack on to the stakes, make sure that you don't hit your cab window.

That’s it! Tighten your truck rack, and you’re good to go!

At BACKRACK™, we are known for paying attention to the details. Not only are our products of the highest quality, but we have done our best to make them incredibly simple to install and use without drills.