BACKRACK™ Hardware Kits - Truck Rack Accessories

BACKRACK™ Hardware Kits - Truck Rack Accessories

BACKRACK™ Hardware Kits - Truck Rack Accessories

Truck racks are highly desirable for a variety of reason including protecting the cab and those inside it, as well as keeping everything in the back of the truck organized and secure. For those who have never owned a BACKRACK™ cab guard, two of the main questions that we get are, "how secure will the rack be on my truck?" and "will I have to drill holes into my truck?" At BACKRACK™, we understand these concerns – and that is why we have developed innovative hardware kits for simple, secure and no-drill (or minimal drill) installation of your truck rack.

Simple Headache Rack Installation

Quality truck racks are highly useful tools for any job – but they, themselves are not the job. We know you have better things to do than spend an entire day trying to install your truck rack. That’s why we’ve simplified the installation process as much as possible. Our hardware kits do not require any special tools or specialized mechanical knowledge. We provide a detailed pdf on our website as well as various instructional videos to walk you through every step of the process. And, of course, our helpful staff are also available for any questions which you may have.

Secure Truck Racks

The whole point of having a truck rack is to help keep everything secure. But this is only possible if the truck rack itself is also secure. Every type of hardware kit that we offer, uses high quality, durable brackets and bolts, to keep your BACKRACK™ securely in place.

You can be confident that no matter what type of terrain you are driving on, that your truck rack is not going to budge from its spot. After all, this is the only way that it can do its job.

Will I have to drill holes in my truck?

Quite commonly this is the biggest concern with people who are looking into the possibility of buying a truck rack. Some folks almost seem to have an emotional attachment to their truck and it’s understandable that they don’t want to have to drill holes into it.

You will be happy to know that BACKRACK™ offers two no-drill hardware kit options for installation. These include:

  • Standard no-drill – this kit can be used on vehicles in which a cross bed toolbox will not be used behind the cab. It consists of a railmount bracket and plate. It is important to note, that this is the only BACKRACK™ hardware that is compatible with tonneau cover adapter brackets.
  • Toolbox no-drill – for truck owners who will be using a standard 21” cross bet toolbox.

While we do our best to make installation as easy as possible, there are some cases where some drilling is necessary to install a BACKRACK™. This is the case with trucks that do not have stake pockets. Nevertheless, we have also made this scenario as convenient as possible as well.

  • Low profile drill – this hardware kit is suitable for select late model full-size trucks. It is necessary to drill two holes for installation into the top of the bed rail.

So if you’ve been considering purchasing a truck rack, but questions about installation have been holding you back, we invite you to take a look at BACKRACK™’s various options in hardware kits.