BACKRACK™ and Toolboxes: Common Questions

BACKRACK™ and Toolboxes: Common Questions

BACKRACK™ and Toolboxes: Common Questions

If you have been a fan of BACKRACK™ truck racks for some time, then you may be aware that we pride ourselves on having a product that is compatible with accessories such as toolboxes. What you may be less aware of, however, is how to order and install a BACKRACK™ when you have a toolbox in your truck.

In this article, we are going to answer some of the most common questions we hear when a customer wants to install their BACKRACK™ with a toolbox.

1. Do I need special hardware to install my BACKRACK™ with a toolbox?

Yes, when you order your BACKRACK™, you will be asked if your truck has a toolbox. If you say yes, then we will send you special mounting brackets that you will require.

2. How do I install my BACKRACK™ with a toolbox?

The toolbox brackets that we send you when you order your BACKRACK™ can be easily installed without the need to drill any holes in your truck. Set your toolbox on top of the two rails and then mount it against the frame of your BACKRACK™. These create the least amount of gap between your BACKRACK™ and your toolbox.

3. What if I purchase a toolbox for my truck after I already have a BACKRACK™?

No problem! You may also purchase the toolbox mounting kit separately. When reinstalling your BACKRACK™ simply replace the rail plates and rail mounting brackets with your new toolbox mounting hardware.

4. How long are the standard toolbox brackets?

They correspond to the length of the channel on which the toolbox sits. They are 21 inches.

5. Can I still install a BACKRACK™ truck rack if I have an extra long toolbox?

Yes, you can! We also have toolbox box brackets that are 31 inches long which work for all trucks expect compacts.

6. I ordered brackets to install a toolbox, but they arrived without fasteners. Why is this?

If you order toolbox brackets separately, the ones we send are meant to replace the original mounting brackets and rail plates. When you first ordered your BACKRACK™, you would have received a bag containing all the necessary hardware including the fasteners you’ll need to install your toolbox. All you need to do to install your BACKRACK™ with your toolbox is to remove the rail brackets and plates replacing them with the toolbox brackets.

We hope that this article has answered any questions that you may have about BACKRACK™ and toolboxes. Here at BACKRACK™, we have tried to think of every possible scenario so that your BACKRACK™ truck rack will be as versatile as possible – whether you are using a toolbox, Tonneau cover or any other truck accessory.

If you have any further questions about how to use or install your BACKRACK™ with or without a toolbox, we would be happy to hear from you and offer our assistance.