BACKRACK™ Accessories

BACKRACK™ Accessories

BACKRACK™ Accessories - Landscape Holder, Light Brackets

You've purchased your truck, you've invested in the BACKRACK™ and now you're in the market for some accessories. All BACKRACK™ accessories are designed to protect your pickup truck cab. Though your needs might be obvious, choosing the right accessory to fill your needs may be confusing. Regardless, you'll be looking for durability and functionality when it comes time to make the purchase.

You may have purchased your truck as a working vehicle and with BACKRACK™ accessories, your truck will be able to handle any work-load you throw at it. Accessories are designed to mount your ladders, your antennas, your toolboxes and much more.

Landscape Tool Holder

Many accessories have precise uses. If you need a tool holder, you will only need to decide on size. Landscape tool holders will simply clamp to your existing BACKRACK™ and come with options to hold up to 5 tools or 11. The right tool rack will free up space in the bed of your truck and sometimes even, the cab.

Light Bar Truck Accesory

If it's a light bar you're looking for, you'll need to decide what kind of lighting and how large. Options include utility light brackets, sports light brackets, light bar brackets and off road light brackets. Most will bolt into your existing BACKRACK™ with the electrical running through the tubing.

When considering your light bracket keep in mind its use. Sport light brackets are durable and are installed so that the driver can gain better visibility with the increased lighting. Utility light brackets are installed with the intent of giving others better visibility of your truck. Both improve safety and are excellent additions to any BACKRACK™.

If you're in the market for utility lighting, there are several options. These give the owner flexibility in mounting and quality of lighting. You won't want a light bracket that prevents you from getting to your tool box. For this reason, options will include side and centre mount. There are light bars in various sizes. There are single light brackets as well as a safety light brackets that provides better durability. If your truck's favourite activity is off-roading, there's a lighting accessory for you too.

Other Truck Accessories

You might consider an antenna bracket for two-way communication or a toolbox bracket or even an arrow stick bracket. If you can't decide between all these accessories, have no worry. With an arrow stick bracket, you don't have to. An arrow stick bracket is a BACKRACK™ accessory that gives you a horizontal platform to mount even more accessories.

Simply know your needs and you can be the owner of an awesome accessory that will make your job easier and your truck more organized. Awesome accessories are often the icing on the cake for a truck owner. You'll be surprised at your options. Give us a visit and ask us about our accessories.