The 7 Best Pickup Truck Accessories for Your Vehicle

The 7 Best Pickup Truck Accessories for Your Vehicle

The 7 Best Pickup Truck Accessories for Your Vehicle

The main point of having a pickup truck – besides status and looking totally badass – is for hauling loads back and forth, whether it be to a worksite or the family camping trip. But let’s face it, most trucks come with a set of standard features and might not always have the accessories or customization that you require for your specific set of circumstances.

Pickup truck accessories can help you get additional functionality out of your vehicle. Here are some of the top accessories you should consider when customizing your truck.

1. Hooks and Tie Down Bars

Most pickup trucks come with a few hooks that allow you to tie down heavy or bulky items but for many truck owners, they require more. We may be biased, but for tying down heavy items, we are partial to BACKRACK™ truck racks as well as rear bars and siderails.

If there is any danger of your load coming through the rear cab window, then we recommend BACKRACK™ safety rack which uses a heavy wire mesh to protect your truck and the passengers in it.

2. Truck Bed Extender

If you need to carry particularly long loads, then a truck bed extender can help you increase your carrying capacity. Keep in mind though that this accessory can put your tailgate through a good deal of abuse so having a spare tailgate on hand would be useful.

3. Loading Ramp

For those who frequently carry heavy loads in and out of their pickup truck bed, having a loading ramp can really help to save your back! The accessory is especially useful if you are transporting smaller vehicles such as riding lawn mowers, dirt bikes, and ATVs.

4. Toolbox

A steel toolbox with a lock will help to keep smaller items such as tools safe from damage and theft. As most pickup truck toolboxes are exposed to the elements, it is recommended to get one that has an aluminum and powder-coated finish.

For those that wish to have both a truck rack and a toolbox on their vehicle, BACKRACK™ offers toolbox brackets that allow our truck racks to fit with most toolboxes.

5. Winch

Cable winches are especially useful for anyone who hauls very large heavy loads such as hay bales or logos. These winches which usually require professional installation can be powered by your truck’s engine or by their own battery. They can also be used for pulling smaller vehicles out of snow or mud.

6. Cab or Camper Shell

By adding a cab or camper shell to your pickup truck, you are essentially converting your vehicle into an SUV. They give a lot more protection from the elements than a trap or cargo net would and can even help you convert your truck bed into cozy sleeping quarters.

7. Safety Lights

Finally, you can incorporate an extra element of safety into your vehicle by adding lights. BACKRACK™ offers a variety of light brackets that allow you to attach safety lights to your BACKRACK™ truck rack.

Different people will require different pickup truck accessories based on their own personal preferences and how they use their vehicles. Choose the ones that work best for you and get the most out of your pickup truck.