5 Major Pickup Truck Trends in 2019

5 Major Pickup Truck Trends in 2019

2019 Pickup Truck Trends - Accessories & Bigger Wheels

Is your pickup truck on trend? Just like clothing, music, and the latest electronic gadgets, there are various trends that we see in pickup trucks each year. And 2019 is no exception. So what trends are we seeing in pickup trucks this year? Here are five major trends we see in 2019.

Performance parts and accessories

Truck owners love their trucks, but they want to customize them further for performance. This year we are seeing more performance parts and accessories coming directly from the factory or the dealership. Examples of this include the 2019 Ram 1500 and the 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, both of which come with a desert air intake.

Trucks are starting to lead the way in technology

Traditionally, it has been the luxury sedans that led the charge where technology was concerned. But this year we are seeing more technology being launched for the first time with pickup trucks. A prime example of this is the 2019 Ram 1500. The vehicle boasts a 12-inch infotainment screen and a retractable chin spoiler.

More options for cargo

Pickup trucks have always been the obvious vehicle of choice for hauling all sorts of cargo. But in 2019, truck buyers have more options for customization than ever before. Today’s pickup trucks feature more room for cargo in the truck beds along with additional storage boxes and larger interior cubbies and consoles many having added security features.

Examples include the 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 which offers in-bed storage boxes; Ram with its Ram Box and the Nissan Titan with its Titan boxes.

Larger wheel and tires

Bigger wheels and tires have been becoming increasingly common over the last several years. Today we are seeing many more pickup trucks coming out of the factory with 33 and 35-inch tires. Only a few years ago, we saw luxury pickups with 18-inch rims, but it is becoming more common now to see them with 22-inch rims. How much larger pickup truck tires will continue to grow over the years though remains to be seen.

More options

Pickup truck manufacturers are also responding to truck owners’ desire to have more customization and choices for their vehicles. This year Chevy is offering eight trim levels, and Ram is offering six trim levels and sixteen options for wheel designs. Not to be outdone, Ford is offering a range of choices to its customers as well with six engine options. Add this to all the options for add-ons, technology etc. and the choices are seemingly endless!

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